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JD Program

Our UC Law JD program prepares students to enter diverse professional settings all over the world. Most UC law school graduates serve in a legal capacity, such as a counselor, litigator, negotiator, drafter, advocate, and decision-maker. Others work in business management, consulting, media, politics, teaching, and areas where having a law degree helps them be better at what they do.

Our UC Law JD degree program strives to prepare students to be COMPLETE PROFESSIONALS who know the law and possess the skills necessary to practice law. It also prepares students to be professionals with the leadership and communications skills required to be successful. AT UC Law you will THINK about law, DO lawyering tasks, and learn what it means to BE an ethical and fulfilled professional.

THINK Learn the law from our award-winning UC law school faculty in small classes. All UC Law first-year students take a curriculum aimed at introducing foundational legal knowledge. Upper-level JD students have the opportunity to select most of their classes in areas of professional interest to them. UC law school students build the breadth of knowledge necessary to handle complex problems for their clients. They also have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge in areas where their passions and interests lead them.

UC law school students can elect to follow professional pathways in the following areas: Business and Entrepreneurship Law; Criminal Law; Innovation, Technology, and Intellectual Property; Science, Health, and Environment; International; Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution; Public Interest Law, and General and Small Practice.

DO You will have many opportunities to build skills necessary in the practice of law at UC Law. Students simulate lawyering tasks in many UC law school classes, such as learn how to conduct a trial, advocate for a client in a mediation, conduct business transactions from the deal sheet to the closing, draft legal briefs and contracts, or negotiate a deal or a settlement.

UC Law JD students also have the opportunity to apply their new lawyering skills on behalf of real clients. Through UC law school externship and clinical programs, students can serve clients under the supervision of licensed attorneys in business, criminal, litigation, and nonprofit settings. UC law students have many experiences that prepare them to hit the ground running when they enter the profession. 

BE In addition to gaining the knowledge and skills necessary to be a lawyer, UC law school students develop a professional and ethical sensitivity to practice law with integrity. Successful and fulfilled professionals must also develop their interpersonal skills. Every law student is trained how to interview and counsel clients through our innovative Client Counseling program in their second year of the UC Law JD program.

Through our Center for Professional Development at UC Law, they also evaluate their own strengths and interests and develop a personal professional plan to help them find the best area of legal practice to match their interests and passions.