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Where there’s a will, we have a way.

Thinking like a lawyer might get you an interview, being a professional will get you the job.  From the beginning, the Center for Professional Development at UC Law will help you develop your professional brand, starting with Brand University during orientation and each week and month thereafter.

The CPD programs also expose students to the variety of professional settings in which graduates work and equips students with the tools necessary to manage their careers.


Your Professional Development Plan

UC Law's CPD helps each student develop a Professional Development Plan (PDP) that will guide him through each year.  The PDP identifies practical experiences designed to build a competitive resume focused on each student’s career destination. Your resume is valuable real estate – you shouldn’t waste your time or the space by doing things that don’t further the ball toward your career goals.

Your Professional Development Plan is the end result of a multi-step process required throughout your career. The CPD will lead you through the process of discovering what you do best, building skills and developing a compass that points to your career destination.

2012-2013 Board of Visitors Hannah shares how the Lavender Law Conference was beyond her expectations—from networking opportunities to job opportunities and professional growth. (Read more)