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Learning Outcomes for the Concentration

Upon completion of the Concentration, students should be able to:

  • Compare and contrast the rights and obligations of agents, principals, creditors, and other parties in various enterprise contexts, and identify the enforcement mechanisms and dispute resolution systems for those rights and obligations
  • Provide advice on the benefits and pitfalls of different forms of enterprise organizations for various constituencies
  • Recall the basic mechanisms of corporate governance and anticipate the situations and extraordinary transactions that render these mechanisms deficient
  • Broadly identify the pertinent international, federal, state, and local regulations that affect business transactions
  • Draft and edit core contractual provisions governing the substance, waiver, and enforcement of core rights and duties
  • Navigate the negotiation and settlement of business transactions by accounting for the governing laws and the range of human incentives
  • Communicate how the law applies in important business situations in a form that conforms to basic professional conventions